Sunday, December 19, 2010


I've been trying to learn how to draw more realistically, so i've been practicing using atiba's series of portraits for an add series for active...

Unfortunately it seems that every time I try to work from a reference I tend to distort all the features so that they fit accurately to the angle that i'm working on, hence the above slanted photo looking more real than the actual straight on image.

I need a better work space...
wisdom teeth mannn


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  1. Dude, Im not even sure how I just found your work, but its freaking great!!! I love your work, excellent drawings f people, love the patterns on the faces and the words in a ball of madnes, I feel we have similar doodle styles. I paint to but a tad differnt than u...

    Im in toronto, in a few of your pictures you look like your in the same hood, but let me know....your work seems very mature in some cases of ur detail!

    I just started a blog aswell, just started though...
    Hit me up if your in tdot, leave me a contact if you'd like, heres my email from there I will email you my graffiti/painting blog, I paint repetition of the same graffiti monstesr under bridges and paintings of my dad getting older in patterns of smoke.

    cheers hope to hear from you !