Sunday, July 10, 2011

Drunk tags


Untitled by Dog Steaks and Pigeon Cakes
Untitled, a photo by Dog Steaks and Pigeon Cakes on Flickr.

Wierd Friend portrait/ Shout out #2

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So I have a job at a woodshop now, so I once again can afford to take photos again. In posts 1 and 2 there are several photos from last summer before I lost my camera/ran out of money. This post is from this week, courtesy of a roll of film from my friend david, and a battery I scooped from the Zellers that never got a hold of me after they decided they wanted to hire me (bastards). I also have another roll to process from the LRG demo yesterday that I will get up later. Too stoked!

PS my scanner makes my grimey ass photos look thrice as grimey as they already are.

Roller blader at the LRG demo, ha!
Setting ants on fire.

Bottom of the bottle.

I decided I wanted this bike, and then I saw one, plus there is one parked outside of my work.

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