Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun stuff.

So I am giving some older paintings to friends, and I pulled out This painting, if you remember it, to give to my friend mason.

Usually, once a work is finished, I don't like to touch it after a certain amount of time, but at one point I decided to break that rule and I added a coule extra layers of plaid to make up for the fact that the colour planes didn't line up perfectly. The results where disastrous. I don't have a photo to show either. I didn't wanna give my friend such a crappy peice of work, so i decided i'd touch it up a bit. Turns out i just pretty much repainted the whole thing. The shitty work is gone, and mason gets a fresh painting, wich is cool. So I feel every body won. Yay!

Mason, you should buy me ice cream.

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